First blog post.

Submitted by David Snopek on Tue, 07/02/2019 - 11:10

I really wanted to make the first blog post be a sort of origin story, talking about how I became a software developer because I wanted to make games, but... I've been a developer for decades and still completed ZERO games!

I'll still do that, but later. :-)

For now, I just want to put something up here!

Here's my idea for this site:

  • Me and my daughters (Sasza 4 and Ewa 2) like to play and sometimes make games or do other game-ish projects together
  • We can post about the things we play and work on here!
  • I have occasional thoughts or ideas about games and game design that I'd like to "journal"
  • We're still very inexperienced game devs, so we can talk about our learnings as we go (so others can maybe learn some of the same things)

Things we're doing currently...

We got a green screen a couple weeks ago and made some silly videos:

What we'd really like to do is create some sprites of ourselves to put into a Beat 'Em Up game.

Sasza and I have started a couple browser games based on Phaser 3:

  • Fortune Hunter XYZ (mine): a multiplayer game inspired by Dungeon Explorer and Gauntlet. It's a barely working prototype at this point.
  • Esponia (Sasza's): It's a platformer, that we created kind of organically - we just looked at free tilesets, picked one, made something. Not sure this has a future.

Other stuff:

More (hopefully) coming soon!