Interstellar Smuggler VR

A virtual reality (VR) simulation game where you play as a scrappy interstellar smuggler, who starts out with a small ship in disrepair (and not much else), trying to make their fortune by transporting "exclusive cargo" across the galaxy.

The game focuses on repairing, maintaining and upgrading the dynamic and inter-related systems that make your ship run. Each system is composed of machines, conduits and parts, that can be disassembled and re-arranged to keep your junker flying!

Imagine putting out a fire, and tearing apart your food processor to replace a coil necessary to keep the power grid running. Or sabotaging the life support system to eliminate space pirates that have boarded your ship. Anything and everything could go wrong!

Made for the Oculus Quest headset.

Release status
In development


Introducing "Interstellar Smuggler VR" - Devlog #1

Submitted by David Snopek on Fri, 04/03/2020 - 10:35

I've been super interested in the idea of virtual reality (VR) for a long, long time, although, until recently, I hadn't actually even tried it much. However, the price and quality (in both hardware and games) seemed to have reached a critical intersection, so a couple months ago, I picked up an Oculus Quest. Since then I've been playing almost exclusively VR and just loving it!

(Yes, I've been playing Half-Life: Alyx too - it's an amazing game.)

So, of course, I started experimenting with making my own little VR games in the Godot game engine right way. :-) I wish I had been posting articles about them at the time, but it's hard enough to find a little time to work on my game projects, let alone write about them.

Anyway, after my first experiments, I started working on a bigger project...