Interstellar Smuggler VR

A virtual reality (VR) simulation game where you play as a scrappy interstellar smuggler, who starts out with a small ship in disrepair (and not much else), trying to make their fortune by transporting "exclusive cargo" across the galaxy.

The game focuses on repairing, maintaining and upgrading the dynamic and inter-related systems that make your ship run. Each system is composed of machines, conduits and parts, that can be disassembled and re-arranged to keep your junker flying!

Battle Pong

A network multiplayer Pong-like game.

The goal with this project is just to create an online multiplayer game in Godot, so I can learn how to do that, and the simplest two player game I could think of was Pong. :-)

The end goal is for it to be a web game, which will connect any two players who try it at the same time. I'd like to try using Agones to manage the game servers.