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Game Dev Stream #35 - Rollback netcode in Godot

Submitted by David Snopek on Friday, 2021-12-31 @ 12:00pm

All of the serious bugs in our rollback netcode implementation appear to be fixed. I've done a couple of good playtesting sessions. The release of Retro Tank Party with rollback netcode is imminent!

What's left is some last minute PLAYTESTING and BUG FIXING!

Come ready to play, and we'll dig into any bug or issue that we encounter on stream. If we can shake out all the last issues, maybe it could even be released on January 1st?

And you know what that means: as soon as the new version of Retro Tank Party is out, I'm going to release the rollback netcode asset for Godot and start making tutorials for it. Help me get this thing out!



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