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Devlog #5: Launching Retro Tank Party on Steam in 6 weeks (4th and 5th week)

Submitted by David Snopek on Tuesday, 2021-04-13 @ 10:13am

In order to celebrate my birthday, I'm taking a game jam game I made back in 2019 (Retro Tank Party), fixing it up, and releasing it as a commercial game on Steam on April 20th.

We're getting close now! Although, less progress was made in the last two weeks than I had hoped, still quite a few little things got done: Many bug fixes. Server upgraded from Nakama 2 to version 3. A password reset workflow was added. GitLab CI is code signing the Windows version.

Check out the steam page and wishlist the game:

Join the Discord to participate in playtesting (and, if you do, I'll give you free Steam key):


Battle your friends online in a Retro Tank Party! It's a wild 2-4 player, top-down tank shooter to keep you trash talking your buddies into the wee hours of the night.

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