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Retro Tank Party v1.3: New Art Styles!

Submitted by David Snopek on Wednesday, 2022-04-27 @ 9:43pm
Retro Tank Party v1.3

Almost exactly one year since Retro Tank Party v1.0 was released, we have the 3rd major update!

Here's the highlights:

  • Three new art styles by Ross Klettke from Whatnotory! You can select the art style in the game Settings before entering a match. I love them all - it's like playing a brand new game :-)
  • Updated to the latest version of the Godot Rollback Netcode addon and SG Physics 2D. There have been LOADS of wonderful contributions from the Open Source community since we released the first alpha versions of these components, and I'm super happy to be able to showcase them here in Retro Tank Party!
  • A few small bug fixes. Not even worth getting into the details!

I'm super excited to finally get this new art out! I hope you like it as much as I do :-)

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Battle your friends online in a Retro Tank Party! It's a wild 2-4 player, top-down tank shooter to keep you trash talking your buddies into the wee hours of the night.

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