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Hosting Nakama

How to host a Nakama server for $10/mo

Setting up and maintaining your own single server instance of Nakama, the Open Source game server.

Monday, 2021-07-26 @ 8:13am Read more
WebRTC and Nakama

How to use WebRTC in Godot... with Nakama as the signalling server!

WebRTC is a great peer-to-peer networking protocol for games! Learn how to use Nakama as the WebRTC signalling server in Godot.

Tuesday, 2021-06-29 @ 8:30am Read more
WebXR and Godot logos

How to make a VR game for WebXR with Godot

A step-by-step tutorial showing the full process for making a VR game for WebXR in Godot. Includes tips for debugging and troubleshooting!

Tuesday, 2020-11-03 @ 11:05am Read more
VS Code & Godot: Workspaces!

How to make Godot open the VS Code workspace (if the project has one)

When using VS Code with Godot, it's annoying that it doesn't automatically open scripts in the project's workspace. Here's how to fix that!

Wednesday, 2022-05-11 @ 9:22am Read more
RenderDoc & Godot

Intro to RenderDoc with Godot

I tried RendorDoc for the first time and fell in love with it! Here's a quick introduction to using it with Godot and some basic features.

Video Tutorial
Monday, 2022-05-09 @ 9:05am Read more
Shapes and mathy looking diagrams

Getting started with SG Physics 2D and deterministic physics in Godot

An introductory tutorial for SG Physics 2D, so you can implement deterministic physics in your Godot game.

Monday, 2021-12-13 @ 9:18am Read more
Steam logo pointing to Nakama logo, with Godot logo between

Steam login to Nakama using Godot

Steam authentication to Nakama can make login a breeze for players of your Godot game!

Tuesday, 2021-07-06 @ 8:34am Read more


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