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Android and Raspberry Pi port - testers needed!

Submitted by David Snopek on Tuesday, 2020-07-07 @ 9:56am

Hello Everyone!

I've done a little bit of work on Monster Revolution since the end of GWJ #22, namely, finishing an Android port (using on on-screen controller) and getting it running on a Raspberry Pi Zero (pictured in the Retroflag GPi case).

The Android version is "complete," although, it could use A LOT more testing on different phones - I've already found one phone where it crashes immediately. If you're interested in testing on your phone, please send me a message and I'll invite you to the internal test team on Google Play.

I've also started experimenting with running it on a Raspberry Pi using FRT! This could still use some code changes to allow you to quit the game, and improve performance. But it mostly just works! While I'm largely doing this just for fun, if anyone has a Raspberry Pi they use for gaming and is interested in testing it, please send me a message.

GWJ #23 is about to start and I'm again planning to participate. If you're interested in seeing what I end up creating, please follow me on and keep an eye out. :-)


A 2D action dungeon crawler, with a unique twist: you can acquire followers who take your indirect commands.

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