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Monster Revolution submitted to the GameJam 2020 Awards! (And a secret discovered in the game!)

Submitted by David Snopek on Friday, 2021-01-01 @ 10:31am


It's been awhile and there hasn't been much new progress on Monster Revolution (sorry!) because I've been busy with other games and other projects.

However, there is an interesting "game jam" where folks submit game jam games made in 2020 to aggregate a sort of "game jam awards" and I've submitted Monster Revolution! If you'd like to vote for the game, here's the link:

BONUS POINTS: My 6-year-old daughter was playing the game this morning and discovered a secret passage that allowed her to enter an unfinished part of the dungeon that was cut from the game. I made the game and I didn't even know this was possible! If you can find it, post a screenshot of the unfinished area for extra bonus points. :-)


A 2D action dungeon crawler, with a unique twist: you can acquire followers who take your indirect commands.

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