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But I told you to STAY!

Submitted by David Snopek on Monday, 2020-07-13 @ 10:00am

The most common two complaints I've heard from folks trying Monster Revolution are:

  1. My followers keep getting in my way! (Fair point, they do - I have some ideas on how to fix this...)
  2. I told my followers to STAY but they wandered into the spikes anyway

Today's update addresses the second complaint. The fact is, the STAY order doesn't actually tell them to stay, it is basically just the NONEĀ order (don't follow me and don't attack).

Now, it could be nice to have a real STAY order, and maybe I will try that at some point. But the easiest possible solution is just renaming the STAY order to NONE, so that the name matches the behavior, which is what I'm going to try first. :-)

Please give the latest version a try and let me know if this is clearer!

(BTW, I have some more interesting changes in the works as well. If you're curious about what they are, you can jump over to the GitLab project for this game to get a sneak peek. Otherwise, stay tuned and I'll hopefully write a post about it soon. :-))


A 2D action dungeon crawler, with a unique twist: you can acquire followers who take your indirect commands.

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