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Screenshot from a playtesting session

Lots of playtesting and minor improvements for "Battle Tanks"!

A diary from several days of playtesting "Battle Tanks" and the results.

Thursday, 2019-10-03 @ 12:01pm Read more
Screenshot of 3 players in Battle Tanks

Creating "Battle Tanks" for the MDW gamejam 2019-09

I streamed most of my time creating "Battle Tanks" for a gamejam and discuss my experience.

Tuesday, 2019-09-24 @ 9:31pm Read more
Screenshot from my stream building the game

Creating "Battle Pong" - a networked multiplayer game in Godot

Experimenting with creating an online multiplayer pong game in Godot.

Saturday, 2019-09-14 @ 6:34am Read more


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